Umbria: Park of Mount Subasio

Umbria: Park of Mount Subasio


Where is it: Italy, Umbria, Province of Perugia. Municipalities and villages: Spello, Collepino, San Giovanni di Collepino, Armenzano, Costa di Trex, Assisi.

Recommended period: April, May, June

Minimum stay: three days


What to do:  Visit Spello, Collepino, San Giovanni di Collepino, Armenzano, Costa di Trex, Assisi. Make trekking routes such as the Anello dei Mortari, the Fosso del Marchetto, and the CAI itineraries ranging from n. 50 to 63. For some of these it is advisable to have a mountain guide, while some are quite simple.

Where to stay: We recommend staying in the many apartments in the area, in the countries adjacent to the park, such as in Bastia Umbra, Foligno, Spello and Assisi.

Description: The Park of Mount Subasio is one of the most beautiful in central Italy. Here you can do countless trekking routes. You can visit Spello, Collepino, San Giovanni di Collepino, Armenzano, Costa di Trex and Assisi. This area inhabited since the time of the Etruscans has many monuments and works of art of great historical interest. Little known are the many paths inside the park, we mention only a few. Path 51: Assisi, Costa di Trex, Nocera Scalo. Path 52: Collepino, Monte Subasio. The path 56 The lake, Gabbiano Vecchio, Sasso Rosso. The path 59 Mulino Buccilli, Nottiano, Armenzano. Finally, the path of Fosso Marchetto. Here a small river has carved a real canyon in the rock and the water creates small waterfalls. This place is wonderful especially in spring. The park also boasts the presence of countless flowers, especially wild orchids, which experts search for and catalog. A special mention to the “Mortari”. In the past they were thought to be extinct volcanoes, but now experts are sure that they are sinkholes. It seems that over the centuries acidulous rainwater has dug these huge cavities that resemble large volcanic cones. Very beautiful also the pastures of horses in the wild present inside the park.

Characteristic food: Tagliatelle mushrooms and truffle:  fresh pasta with the addition of mushrooms and black truffle.  Strangozzi: A simple pasta made with flour and water. It can be seasoned in many ways. One of the most appreciated is with crumbled sausage and cream. Porchetta: one of the most appreciated is that of “Costano” a village in the Umbrian valley. Here the pork is well flavored and cooked for hours in the oven to form the classic “crust” that so much likes those who love this very tasty second course. Norcini cured  meats: the sausages, cured meats, hams of Norcia are famous all over the world.  Umbrian cheeses:  pecorino cheese with walnuts, pecorino cheese with pears, pecorino di fossa umbro, cheese with black truffle, pecorino cheese with figs, pecorino cheese aged in ashes. Handmade mozzarella is also very popular, especially those from the dairies of Santa Maria degli Angeli. Torta al testo: a very thick piadina stuffed with sausages and vegetables. There are also many other variations.

Low Cost: Double in bed and breakfast. Breakfast: included in the room price. Lunch: Packed lunch. Dinner: taste the famous tagliatelle with black truffle and cold cuts and cheeses.

Cost for two people:  Room: choosing the first week of April there are Bed and breakfast with double room starting from 60 euros per night. Breakfast included in the room price. Lunch: lunch with sandwiches stuffed with porchetta. For two people 5 euros. Dinner: platter of cold cuts and cheeses and tagliatelle with truffles For two people 60 euros.




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