ferry on Trasimeno lake

Umbria: Lake Trasimeno Park

Umbria: Lake Trasimeno Park


Where is it: Italy, Umbria, Province of Perugia. Municipalities: Castiglione del Lago, Magione, Passignano, Tuoro and Panicale

Recommended period: from April to June.

Minimum stay: weekend

What to do:  visit the lake, the characteristic villages, the islands and the trekking routes.

Where to stay: in Magione, Castiglione del Lago or Perugia where the offer of hotels is very wide.

Description: certainly one of the most important lakes in Italy. Almost as big as Lake Como, it looks like a small “Sea” in the central north of the region. The lake with its three islands, “L’isola Polvese”, “L’Isola Maggiore” and “L’Isola Minore” is one of the most popular destinations in Umbria. The area is of great historical interest, in fact the Second Punic War was fought here in 217 B.C.E.  and the Roman army was defeated in an ambush by Hannibal Barca and his famous army. The villages that are around the lake are very beautiful to visit. Particularly impressive are the sunsets over the lake, very scenic attract many photographers. The two islands that can be visited are “L’Isola Maggiore” and “L’Isola Polvese”. Ferries depart from the port of Tuoro sul Trasimeno and from the port of Passignano for “L’Isola Maggiore”, while for the Polvese island the ferry leaves from the port of San Feliciano di Magione. The Minor Island cannot be visited as it is private. The shore of the lake is dotted with tourist facilities, campsites, hotels, swimming pools and sailing schools. The lake now suffers from climate change and often the water level drops to the point that intervention is necessary to restore the level. There are various projects to solve this unfortunate problem. but still unfinished. This is why it is advisable to visit the area in spring when the lake presents itself in all its splendor and normally the water level after the winter rains is still acceptable. The area is a true paradise for mountain bikers and hikers. For more information on the lake and routes, please visit the website of the Umbria region at the following address: www.regione.umbria.it/parco-regionale-del-lago-trasimeno

What to eat: Lake fish: specialized in cooking lake fish, especially perch and eel.  Fagiolina del Trasimeno: an ancient legume cultivated in this area since Etruscan times. Here it is cooked in the form of soup, with fish or to enrich tasty bruschetta. Olive oil: the oil  of this area is very valuable as it is often harvested by hand given the hilly position of the olive trees and cold pressed. A bottle of oil typical of the area can cost up to 15 euros but the unmistakable taste justifies the expense. Olive oil is used to season practically all dishes, from pasta to second courses to fish to the unmistakable bruschetta.

Low Cost: Double in bed and breakfast. It is advisable to stay in a structure with a swimming pool, as it is not always possible to swim in the lake due to the lowering of the water level. Lunch: we recommend a packed lunch that allows you to visit the area without stopping too long. Dinner: dine in the many restaurants by the lake tasting the specialties of lake fish and the Fagiolina del Trasimeno. Cost for two people: room 90 euros per night. Breakfast included in the room price. Lunch: packed, we recommend sandwiches with typical Umbrian cold cuts. Dinner: based on lake fish 35 euros per person.



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