Park of the green route Assisi, Bastia Umbra

Umbria: Park of the green route Assisi, Bastia Umbra


Where is it: Italy, Umbria, municipalities of Bastia Umbra, Assisi

Recommended period: March, April, May.

Minimum stay: two days

What to do: Visit the entire green route. Visit Bastia Umbra, and Assisi.

Where to stay: We recommend staying in Bastia Umbra, the cheapest town in Assisi.

Description: a long path that starts from the post office square of Bastia Umbra follows the river Chiascio and then the stream of Tescio up to the famous “Cascatelle”. A very pleasant trekking route to walk in spring because in summer due to climate change we may find the rivers dry and therefore not so beautiful to visit. After parking the car we can follow the river in the opposite direction to the current. After about 200 meters we will find a bridge with red pavement. Crossing this bridge we find a large garden with tables for eating and fields for our children to play. Continuing the path we find the first “waterfall” under the railway bridge, often here there are wild ducks, and if we bring some “food” they approach to eat. Here many parents stop with their children and feed these animals that approach the river bank. A little further on the river makes a curve of ninety degrees. At this point we find two ancient trees. The circumference of these is remarkable to suggest that the two specimens exceed five hundred years. A little further on we find two other “waterfalls”, and a large lawn equipped for picnics. Now we begin to go up the river “Tescio” tributary of the “Chiascio” after about two kilometers we find a very characteristic wooden bridge that allows us to cross the river in the area called “Campiglione”. Continue up the river for a few more kilometers passing from the right to the left of the stream. Following the path for a few more kilometers you arrive at a large park with tables and games for children, called the “park of via del guado”. At this point the green path stops for about a kilometer, so you have to take the main road, cross a bridge to return to the right side of the stream and follow in the direction of the “Assisi kennel”. Here we find a new entrance to the green path. Continuing along the dirt road near the river “Tescio” you arrive at a very scenic area under the city of Assisi with olive groves at the foot. Arrived at the “Ponte San Vetturino” the path stops again, so you have to follow the road to the “Ponte dei Galli”. Here begins again the path that runs along the stream until you get to the two spectacular “Cascatelle” so loved by children. In spring the path is full of flowers, birds, animals of all kinds such as small ducks with variegated colors that live in these rivers. To cover the entire route it takes about four hours, but if you walk it with children it can also take a whole day, a beautiful experience for families or trekking lovers.

What  to eat: the typical Umbrian specialties, for more information see “what to eat” in “Parco del Monte Subasio”.

Low Cost: Double in bed and breakfast. Breakfast: included in the room price. Lunch: it is advisable to bring packed lunches and plenty of water especially on hot days. Highly recommended sandwiches with the “Porchetta” specialty of the town of Bastia Umbra. Almost all delicatessens are provided. Dinner: try truffle dishes.

Cost for two people:  Room: choosing the period of mid-March you will find a double room starting from 45 euros per night. Breakfast: in the area any bar offers continental breakfast from five euros per person. Lunch: two sandwiches with porchetta and two bottles of mineral water 8 Euro. Dinner: truffle based from 50 euros per person. If you want to save more go to a “Piadineria”, where you can dine with 10 euros per person. In this area the piadina is very good.

The green route park is full of flowers

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