Lazio: Ponza Island

Lazio: Ponza Island

Where is it: Italy, Lazio. Province of Latina. Ponza Mayor

Recommended period: May, June, September, October

Minimum stay: One week

What to do: Visit the historic village, the boat trip, relax by the sea, snorkel

Where to stay: We recommend staying in Ponza near the village and then moving by bus or renting scooters.

Description: Ponza is an island in the province of Latina and is located about 40 km from the mainland.  Starting from Terracina it takes only 50 minutes by ferry to get to the island. Palmarola, Gavi, Zannone are the other three islands near the main one, reachable by small boats if the sea allows it. The island is assaulted by tourists from the beginning of July to the end of August and is very popular even in the low season for its particularly mild climate; Here the temperature never drops below zero, and even in the coldest months it is around 10 degrees Celsius. On the island it does not rain for almost 300 days a year, and the temperatures are pleasant even in August, in fact it is hit by a pleasant breeze.  The very clear sea is a paradise for those who practice snorkeling. Ponza has practically no beaches. The few descents to the sea are often dangerous due to rockfall, so it is particularly recommended to rent the classic boats that are located at the port and can be driven without a license. Such boats are equipped with a tent, and often have pillows on which you can comfortably sunbathe. The average cost to rent them for a day such boats is about 50 euros plus gasoline, and it is not much if you consider a rental of deckchairs and umbrella for 5 people. Often the island has one side with rough sea and one with calm sea, so walking the side of the island that is sheltered from the wind is the wisest thing, however keep well informed about any storm surges.

The weather conditions can change suddenly as the island is located in the open sea and is certainly dangerous for a small boat. Another possibility is to rent a larger boat. The organized boat trips are numerous and the price is around 25 euros per participant.

Characteristic food: Spaghetti with fellon crab:  crab meat with garlic, parsley and cherry tomatoes.  Lobster linguine: lobsters with garlic sauce, parsley, cherry tomatoes and white wine.  Rabbit ponzese.  Rabbit with garlic, bay leaf, wine and cherry tomatoes.  Cianfotta.  A set of vegetables and vegetables, peppers, aubergines, zucchini, potatoes and onions.  Zeppola ponzese: prepared with flour, salt, milk and anise liqueur.

Low Cost: Double in bed and breakfast. Breakfast: included in the room price. Lunch: it is advisable to taste a characteristic food such as fish. Dinner: you can eat in the many cafes near the port.

Cost for two people: Room 120 euros per night. Breakfast included in the room price. Lunch: pasta dish with clams and fried fish for two people 60 euros. Dinner: aperitif at sunset with desserts. For two people 19 euros. Then there is to add the price of the ferry from Terracina, and the boat trip certainly mandatory for those visiting Ponza.

Ponza Island

Lazio: Ponza Island

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